Sunday, August 26, 2012

Why the rain wouldn't stay

This year it hasn't rained as much as it usually does in Mumbai. The reason, unknown. I decided to put a thought to this and came up with the following.

Imagine the rain clouds to be a little kid wanting to play with new friends. 'You' being the new friend. Every year a new cloud forms, aka a new kid comes down wanting to play with us. What do we do instead? We open up our umbrellas. We cover ourselves. We wear jackets and go in disguise so that he does not recognize us. We shun all the excitement and eagerness the new kid has.

We go hide in our cars, we go find a building with a roof that can protect us. The new kid must feel like the sick child who comes down to play with us in the building and we because of our protective mothers would not go near him or let him touch us. 

Why then would he pour down? Why then will he open up and burst with joy? Why then will he smile and make that sacrifice?

Go welcome him. Play in the rains. Get wet in the monsoon. Hold someone's hand and go meet the new kid. 

It seems someone has made the effort, the rain God is happy now and has sent some more kids to have fun. It's raining in Mumbai today!

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Umber se barse jo badal, Chhate mein kya chhipke rehna...!