Thursday, September 26, 2013

The incomplete story

This is an incomplete story,
Of the one that gets away,

She still runs all over my mind,
Making things difficult than they are,

She does not want to join me now,
But I have saved her some space on the ride,

The trip is fun, as unplanned it may be,
I am waiting for the right company to step on the accelerator,

The map is drawn, the stops are marked,
Her approval is awaited though.

The journey is long and tiring,
We might even get old on the way,

But that's the plan and am hoping she hops on,
Shhh..but don't tell her yet, she's still making up her mind!

1 comment:

Megha Mathur Goel said...

You sure got good company. Right or not, one can never tell.